Strengthen Your Digital Armor: Be Cybersecurity Savvy

Are you still using ‘123456’ or ‘password’ as your password? You’re not alone – these two are among the top 10 most commonly used passwords in the world, according to a recent study.

But using such weak passwords could make it easier for cyber criminals to gain access to your sensitive data. To protect your online accounts from being hijacked, use unique and complex passwords for each account you use. This means avoiding common words, phrases, and patterns that can be easily guessed, such as ‘qwerty,’ ‘admin,’ or ‘letmein.’ It’s also important to change your passwords regularly, especially for high-risk accounts like your email or online banking.

Where possible, set up two-factor authentication, which requires a second form of verification (such as a code sent to your phone) to log in. The easiest way to make sure your passwords are unique, strong, and safe is to use a password manager.

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